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We choose the best products, adhering to strict criteria in terms of aesthetics, ease of installation and use, and security. All the connected objects we select are compatible with those of other manufacturers: you can use them together.

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Our home automation shop offers you excellent service! When you order before 4 pm on a weekday, we will deliver to you the next day, free of charge. For up to 14 days after receiving your products, you can return them free of charge, no questions asked.

Your home automation is at the top!

We are at the cutting edge of technology! By actively participating in various exhibitions such as the CES in Las Vegas, our connected objects store offers only the latest generation products. When you want to refresh your installation, there is no need to replace everything! Connected objects meet certain communication standards; whether you change the device or the accessories, your home automation will still work beautifully.

Configure your smarthome

Design your own package now and create a home automation system that you can install yourself in minutes. No need to do any other work, all the elements work wirelessly. By controlling your home from your smartphone, you also get a fully-featured intruder alarm which is much more intelligent than a conventional alarm system.

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Install it yourself

All connected objects work wirelessly, and most of them don’t require any screws for installation. You can install them in just seconds.

Designed for your own home

Connected objects for the smart home are designed to work in all types of homes, whether you have an old house, an apartment or a new home.

It’s an open system!

The system is not proprietary; it is compatible with most products available on the market, including those that likely to appear in the future. You are not tied to any one manufacturer or reseller, and you don’t need a subscription!

About us

Our home automation store is Belgian, and we are truly passionate about connected objects! Thanks to our expertise in the field of home automation and Smart Technology, we can select the best connected objects for home, sport and health and offer them to you at the best price. We deliver to you free of charge within 24 hours so that you can enjoy the convenience of intelligent objects as quickly as possible.

Our customers testify

Nicolas Bernard
Nicolas Bernard
Transformed his 70's home into a connected house
“I didn’t know it was possible, but I managed to make my house smart easily and without any work. I love the ‘leave home’ function, which is automatically activated when there is nobody there: all the lights go out, the heating is switched off, and the alarm is activated automatically.”
Maxime Thirion
Maxime Thirion
Sports enthusiast
“I take part in number of sports, and I love to monitor my performance. I found some products on livinium such as the connected watch for swimming. Every time I use new products, my friends ask me where I managed to find them.”
Sandrine Puissant
Sandrine Puissant
Mother of an 8-month-old baby
“Being very switched-on in my work and family life, I use the Withings smart thermometer to take our daughter's temperature. It’s very practical in case of fever, and I have an integrated monitor on my iPhone.”
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